Astounding Asheville will capture you!

I admit it!  I am in love with Asheville.  This love affair caught me quite by surprise.  Gary and I came to Asheville not in small part in response to his job at a Florida utility company transferring us from our long time home to a location neither of us was fond of.  Not being ones to accept adverse living conditions, we began proactively searching for a new place to love.  Following the old adage, “you can never go home again” we began the process of ferreting out a new place to call our home.
Frankly, we had raised our child in Pt. St. Lucie, Florida, it was the beginning of my nursing career lasting many years & now filled with a lifetime of patients that were also friends, Gary had done most of the work of his adult life in there as well.  We were leaving a lifetime of memories and friends to find our new place.  I was, to say the very least, skeptical about the liklihood of finding a place that would ever feel like home again.
Home is a feeling of the heart, a place where your soul feels it has found a place of peace.  It is sometimes an intangible that denies description achievable in words.
I believe now, after residing here for 10 years, that Asheville claims its own.  When I arrived, my response was nothing short of visceral.  I, who on occasion must search for complete certainty in many things, was captured.  I cannot identify why or what save to say I knew I belonged here.  Though my feet had never trod this ground before, I was home.  I was claimed!  In discussion after discussion with folks from every walk of life, the very same thing is repeated to me over and over as they share their stories of capture and surrender to the magic that is Asheville
I am going to end this saga with some of the accolades this small gem of a city has garnered but the real story is much more difficult to define.  It is a matter of the heart.
Join us here, At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn.  You too may wish to be captured.

Money Magazine:  One of the Best Places to Retire
AARP: Best Place to Re-Invent your Life
Self:  Proclaims Asheville the “Happiest city.”
National Geograhic Traveler: Asheville Ranked in the top 50 globally/top 10 nationally.
American Style: Number 2 of small cities in the annual “Top 25 Arts Destinations.”
Where to Retire Magazine: Asheville one of its “Eight Enriching Towns for Art and Music Lovers.”
Country Home Magazine: “2007 Best Green Places.”
Southern Living:  Best of the South Readers Choice for Best Resorts/Hotels, Best Mountain Destination & Best Scenic Highway.
America’s 100 Best Places to Retire

Patti and Gary Wiles

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